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    OPEN Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Monday > at least! *CBD Small-batch, Moisturizer, Made here! Pain & dry skin relief in one jar. **Top shelf CBD Tinctures, Honey, Lip Balm & Salve. ***IMMUNE UP with Apricot Seeds! Powerful. Video: “World Without Cancer” by E.Griffin.

Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds

Apricot SeedsOrganic! Bitter, raw, Apricot Seeds are highest quality California-grown seeds. Pesticide & herbicide-free.,

8 oz. Bag | Approximately 375 Seeds

* 8 oz bag –  $14.50

* 16 oz bag – $22.00

* Out the Door Hand Off – Paid with Credit Card, through Square = 20% OFF! Limited quantity, order ahead!

Apricot Seeds > top source for B17. The more bitter, the more B17.

Apricot Power Seeds – California grown since 1999.

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