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CBD is Here!

CBD is now on the shelf! Been making moisturizers for many years. Recently moved up a big notch by adding CBD. Took awhile to get the recipe just right, with a few too many losses, and generous help from friends. Thanks guinea pigs!

Actually, I ended the “plain” moisturizer because once the CBD moisturizer hit the shelf, it quit selling! Guess I’ll make a few anyway, at least for myself. I prefer not using CBD all the time, as with most things. But there sure have been many times lately that I have needed it. Including a whacked out shoulder. I’m seriously glad to have it!

I was very sceptical until I tried it, tried it again… and, sure enough the stuff works like “instant magic”! I’m not tooting my horn just to sell. I simply tried it and so did guinea pigs, solidifying my own experience.

On the shelf, NOW, are a variety of CBD Hemp Extract oils that I’ve been using in my own creams… and am now selling those extracts for injestion & externally.

Oh… Percy licks my hand every evening, after I’ve treated my dry hands. And my 23 yr old cat doesn’t mind it either. I’m pretty sure the drops helps his poor old bones.

The ingredients in the moisturizer and CBD cream are edible. I don’t really recommend eating it, as the taste may not be to your liking. But it sure is wonderful for your lips! Kiss, kiss!!   >>>CBD<<<



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