Business Hours

    OPEN WEEKENDS 9:30 to 6. *CLOSED 5 Weekdays. *OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Weekdays. Contact: *10 to 20% Off. Squealin’ Good Sale on some products. *This is down-time, slow season. *Time to be an artist again! *Check out Percy’s Pups, link above. SEE YA!

Hours & Days Winter 2021

OPEN:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  During Mid-Week, if the door is unlocked, come in!

After Feb 14… Tues, Wed, Thurs (possibly Monday) – OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!  This may last into May.

Need A Gift?  CBD?  Custom jewelry, Leather work ORDERS?  Power Up Your Immune Health with Apricot Seeds! (see “World Without Cancer”).

E-Mail If you need something on the days I’m closed:  Provide Name, Contact info & what you’re looking for. PLEASE, Call a day or 2 ahead for appointment. More likely for me to plan time for you!

This Down-Time will be devoted to being an artist again.  To build up stock for Summer.  Create new Jewelry, more Leather works, a couple of Punked Guitars, & Lamps!

I truly appreciate your understanding!  I have missed out on way too many sales because of lack of quality time for creation.

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