**Ignore Top Hours-> HOURS 4 Winter 2021 & 2022


**OPEN:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. 
**CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 
**Open By Appointment, especially Locals.  E-Mail:  Provide Name, Phone & what you need.  PLEASE, Call a day or 2 ahead for appointment. 
I will open for those who know what they want, NOT for Browsing.  This “Down-Time” will be devoted to being an artist.  To build some gift-stock for the holidays.  Jewelry, Leather Works, and more… I  HOPE!  I truly appreciate your understanding.

Front St Shopping!

Restaurants on Front Street have meals To-Go, inside/outside dining:  Salado.  Millonzie’s.  Soup Pot (across hwy 285).  Park Bar.  Silver Scoop.  Ellen’s.  Brown Burro (Main St). Snitching Lady Distillery.  NEW bakery!

Shoppy-shops on Historic Front Street:  My shop > Unrepentant Artist, purple building, east end of Front Street, across from the Hand Hotel B&B & Gift Shop. Pat’s Bead Shop.  Mountain Sun Arts.  Red Barn, next to Silver Scoop Ice cream & Deli.  Coyote Creek gallery.  Antiques.  Hat Shop.  Mountain Essentials.  

**Unrepentant Artist has quality-patterned Damascus Knives & Swords at astonishingly low prices! Other crazy Blades, Full size medieval Helmets, Tankards & Mugs… We have Dragons!  Leather works. And MANY other Funk n Fun items.

We have expanded our already diverse selection of products to include a few highly beneficial & healthy products for your body/mind.

**IMMUN-EYES Your Tea with CBD Honey.  CBD Drops (for you, or pests, ‘er Pets!).  CBD Salve.  CBD Lip Balm… ooh, la la… Kissie soft & 4x the standard size!

A SUPERIOR food is Apricot Seeds, which contain the highest amount of B17 (Amygdalin) of any food! Pump up your immune system, energize your mind/body!. Must see documentary: “World Without Cancer” by G.Edward Griffin, reasearcher & famous author of  “Creature From Jekyll Island”.  Nature takes care of us.

We have Raw, Bitter, ApricotSeeds. The more bitter, the more B17! Can’t stand bitter? Crush & add to smoothies, mix into food. Put it inside of an apricot (we have those too!) or other fruit. Mmm… Chewing until near fluid = pre-digestion = the more rapid nutrients move into your system.

Superfood Blueberry Bars & Apricot Bars are an alternative for obtaining B17. Includes many other ingredients that make them stand out from the crowd! Best of all… No Added Sugar! Only that which is inherently contained in the ingredients in the bars.

One of the most important things we can do for health is to eliminate (or seriously reduce) sugar in its myriad of names. Choose honey and pure maple syrup. This may change your life… and… It may be the end of the world as we know it, for good health! Try it during the season of Excessive, immune-depleting… Sugar (Halloween through Valentine’s Day). Eat well and seriously reducing sugar may keep your family healthy!

Apricot Seeds!

Health means wealth… because if you don’t have health, you can’t do as much and the ability to live an active and rewarding life is depreciated. From that one can say the monetary factor may suffer also.

ApricotSeeds (which I now carry) are rated 6 among the top 10 Super Seeds. This is debatable, because apricot seeds have the highest content of B17 found in nature! Don’t they belong in the #1 slot?

Apricot seeds have a natural source of vitamin B17 and B15. Plus natural enzymes, vitamin E and A. High fiber, protein and mono-unsaturated fat. Apricot is also nknown to be beneficial to the skin and hair. And many other properties one might desire. My Hand-Made, Small-Batch, CBD cream contains apricot oil.

B17 can be found in many fruits and vegetables, but in much smaller amounts. Many of the foods that contain this nutrient aren’t normally eaten by a majority of people these days, because processed foods have replaced essential nutrition.

See the video by noted researcher G Edward Griffin. “World Without Cancer”. Author of the world renowned book: “Creature from Jekyll Island”.

CBD is Here!

CBD is now on the shelf! I’ve made moisturizers for many years and recently moved up a notch by adding CBD. Took awhile to get the recipe just right, with a few too many losses, and generous help from friends.

Eventually, I ended the “plain” moisturizer because once the CBD moisturizer hit the shelf, it quit selling! I may make a few anyway, now and then.

On the shelf, NOW, are a variety of CBD Hemp Extract oils that I’ve been using in my own moisturizing cream… I’m now selling those extracts for injestion & externally.  Bluebird Botanicals and Farmhouse Hemp. Both Colorado makers.

I was very sceptical about CBD, until I tried it, tried it again… and, sure enough the stuff works like “instant magic”! Note: It may not work fast for everyone! I’m not tooting my horn just to sell. I simply tried it, and so did friends, solidifying my own experience.

Oh… Percy licks my hand every evening, after I’ve treated my dry hands. And my 23 yr old cat doesn’t mind it either. I’m pretty sure the drops helps his poor old bones. I use the same CBD for them, just A Lot Less!

The ingredients in the moisturizer and CBD cream are edible. I don’t really recommend eating it, but… it’s pretty nice on the lips and not at all objectionable to me.  Kiss, kiss!!   >>>CBD<<<

Notice to Artists – Update

Hello!  Prospective artists wanting to show in this galley, PLEASE make an email appointment, explaining your work and expectations. Do not send photos.

If interested I will ask for photos and/or will ask to see current work of what I expect will be shown here. Be prepared with an inventory list of numbered items with description and prices. It’s also likely that I may not have room for more art. If, after about 6 months, your work is not appealing to buyers, your items will need to be picked up.

Artists needing to pick up or switch out art, PLEASE make an appointment. If exiting the gallery, provide a minimum 3 days notice for me to gather and package your items. This is a one-person show and I can’t always do things on the spot.

Normally I take Tuesday off. Sometimes I may take a day due to life’s circumstances. Deep winter & early “spring”, up here, I’m likely to be closed Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. This is not hard and fast.

Current Artists need not worry!! Please Call or Come In, if you need to talk.

Thank you for understanding!   Unrepentant Artist

Fairplay Dog Trails…

Do you walk your dog on any of the trails around town, where “they” allow you? Like at the Beach, or other places? The places we can’t walk our dogs are places that we still pay for the maintenance to keep it nice.?? Many people even pick up after dogs, who’s masters don’t.

To be blunt, your dog is very likely to shit somewhere, while you walk. Do you carry a plastic bag to clean up after your dog? Plastic bags are an abundant commodity. The Beach has bag dispensers, in case you forget yours, and a trash can to dispose of them at the end of your walk. The Dollar store has 4 or 5 rolls of them for… you guessed it, one dollar!

It is quite clear that there are people who do NOT pick up their dog’s shit. When the snow melts the evidence is staggering…. So is the scent!  Not only is it messing up the trail, but it interferes with our mountain air. After all, dog shit does not disintegrate as fast as they can make it.

If you don’t pick up your dog’s shit, does that make you a shitty person?!


What If? “Local” Art

What if we begin this post by defining “local”?

What if “local” strictly means people who live in the town-proper? Is 1 mile outside of the town limits acceptable? 5 miles? 50? All of Colorado? What if it’s just “Made in the USA”? What if that includes “satellite nations”? Puerto Rico, Guam? Or Hawaii and Alaska?

What if “local” art is a sham? Can a small mountain store remain viable if every store in town only carried “local” art? What are the odds for multiple stores to stay open that mostly carry the same “local” art?  What if you became bored with “local” art being sold in all the stores as you walk through in town?

What if the boundaries of “local art” exceeds customer expectations?

What if everything in Unrepentant Artist was NOT “Local”?  Do you prefer to “shop local”, then buy from Walmart? And/or maybe buy an out-of-country knockoff?

What if some art is made out of the country?

What if every think-out-loud customer that says they “prefer to buy ‘local’ art” would actually BUY local art?

What if every customer bought one stick of $2 natural lip balm or one bar of soap for it’s amazing proprieties even if it wasn’t “Made in Our Town”? Would the really-local store owner then have gas money?

What if every exiting customer that left saying, “Really cool shop, great stuff!” actually bought one freakin item?

What if a customer purchasing one item, of which they ask if it’s “local” art, is actually HELPING to keep mom/pop-local stores open so they can thrive and you can still visit your “favorite” shop in the mountains?

What if everyone who did NOT make a purchase in a little mountain shop, but said “we’ll stop in next time we come through”, personally contributed to the demise of such shops?! Psst: I won’t be where I was when they come back!

What if some “customers”, that are little more than snoopy-idea-stealers, actually state “I can make that!” or “we can make that and sell lots of them”?! What if they were actually kind enough to buy one, THEN copy it, and call it their own?

What if customers left their phones in the car and tried remembering what they saw, so they can replicate it(?), instead of taking one photo or multitudes of everything they like? What if artists consider this theft? What if every photo you take of someone else’s art can be replicated and hung on your wall? What if everyone says: “I wouldn’t do that!”

What if the world were so small that “local art” was everywhere?

What if the item you buy, that’s claimed to be “local art”, is actually made up of many parts that are made in India, UK, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bali, Korea, Mexico or China…?

What if a purchase of “local art”, from another country, actually helps feed their own children?

What if you dis-allow yourself to be bound by invisible lines in the sand, because someone instilled fear in you about “those” people? Yet you may travel abroad (if you’re brave enough), bring something home and say “A ‘Foreign Country’ local artist made it.”

What if Every Thing you Think You Know is FLAT out Wrong? Including “local” art? (Speaking of FLAT: 200 Proofs by Eric Dubay)

Buy local, act local, speak local, think local, touch local, hear local, believe local… Deny the rest of the World? Impossible.