Business Hours

    OPEN WEEKENDS 9:30 to 6. *CLOSED 5 Weekdays. *OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Weekdays. Contact: *10 to 20% Off. Squealin’ Good Sale on some products. *This is down-time, slow season. *Time to be an artist again! *Check out Percy’s Pups, link above. SEE YA!

Front St Shopping!

Restaurants on Front Street have meals To-Go, inside/outside dining:  Salado.  Millonzie’s.  Soup Pot (across hwy 285).  Park Bar.  Silver Scoop.  Ellen’s.  Brown Burro (Main St). Snitching Lady Distillery.  NEW bakery! Shoppy-shops on Historic Front Street:  My shop > Unrepentant Artist, purple building, east end of Front Street, across from the Hand… Continue reading

Apricot Seeds!

Health means wealth… because if you don’t have health, you can’t do as much and the ability to live an active and rewarding life is depreciated. From that one can say the monetary factor may suffer also. ApricotSeeds (which I now carry) are rated 6 among the top 10 Super… Continue reading

CBD is Here!

CBD is now on the shelf! I’ve made moisturizers for many years and recently moved up a notch by adding CBD. Took awhile to get the recipe just right, with a few too many losses, and generous help from friends. Eventually, I ended the “plain” moisturizer because once the CBD… Continue reading

Notice to Artists – Update

Hello!  Prospective artists wanting to show in this galley, PLEASE make an email appointment, explaining your work and expectations. Do not send photos. If interested I will ask for photos and/or will ask to see current work of what I expect will be shown here. Be prepared with an inventory list… Continue reading