Fairplay Dog Trails…

Do you walk “your” dog on any of the trails around town, where “they” let you? Like at the Beach, or other places?

To be blunt, your dog is very likely to shit on the trail, or nearby. Do you carry a plastic bag with you to clean up after your dog? Plastic is an abundant commodity. The Beach has a bag holder, in case you forget yours, and another receptical to dispose of such at the end of your walk. The Dollar store has 4 or 5 rolls of them for… you guessed it, one dollar!

It is quite clear that there are some people who DO NOT PICK UP THEIR DOG SHIT! Now that the snow has melted the evidence is staggering…. So is the scent!! Not only is it messing up the trail, but it’s interfering with the mountain air that we breathe! After all, dog shit does not disintegrate as fast as they can make it!

If “you” DO NOT pick up your dog’s shit, does that make you a shitty person?!


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