Notice to Artists – Update

Hello!  Prospective artists wanting to show in this galley, PLEASE make an email appointment, explaining your work and expectations. Do not send photos.

If interested I will ask for photos and/or will ask to see current work of what I expect will be shown here. Be prepared with an inventory list of numbered items with description and prices. It’s also likely that I may not have room for more art. If, after about 6 months, your work is not appealing to buyers, your items will need to be picked up.

Artists needing to pick up or switch out art, PLEASE make an appointment. If exiting the gallery, provide a minimum 3 days notice for me to gather and package your items. This is a one-person show and I can’t always do things on the spot.

Normally I take Tuesday off. Sometimes I may take a day due to life’s circumstances. Deep winter & early “spring”, up here, I’m likely to be closed Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. This is not hard and fast.

Current Artists need not worry!! Please Call or Come In, if you need to talk.

Thank you for understanding!   Unrepentant Artist

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