Unrepentant Artist has moved! We are across the street from the Hand Hotel, in the purple building. Please come in and check out our new home.

E-commerce is still in the works! The images above are some of the things made by Unrepentant Artist and is what you can expect to find in this South Park gallery.

We’ve been grabbing people’s attention for 4 years in a brick and mortar store on Front St, in Fairplay, CO. Come in, see what’s up. You will not be disappointed.

Besides all of the handmade art, of various forms from various artists, we carry licensed Game of Thrones LARP (latex) swords, wearable medieval helmets, masks, outstanding blades, throwing stars and knives.

Manly hunks of hand-crafted soap from Burly Stone are out-freakin-standing! Straight razors, ceramic shaving bowls made in FairPlay, beard elixirs, hand balm, hound soap, and other Cave Dwelling things that may strike your fantasy. Of course we have exotically scented handcrafted regular size & mega bars of soaps for the feminine side of life, plus scrubs, soaks and lotions.

Who’s we? Me, myself and I… the 3 of us bring you art jewelry, leather works and steampunk style, and about 30 other fabulous artists!

Stay Cool… Be Your Best Self and Get Funky… Right Here.

Unrepentant Artist

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