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    CLOSED 5 Weekdays. OPEN WEEKENDS 9:30 to 6 PM. OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Weekdays. 15 > 20% OFF Everything Over $30. 10% Off Everything Else. Squealin’ Good Sale on some products.

Unrepentant Funk n Fun!


We’ve been grabbing people’s attention for 7 years in a brick and mortar shop in the Historic District (Front St) of Fairplay, CO.  Stop in… You won’t be disappointed. Purple building, across from the Hand Hotel. Do make a date to stay in this fabulous B&B hotel!

Above are items made by Unrepentant Artist. Just a sampling of what you can expect to find in this South Park gallery.

Besides the gorgeous Fine Art from various artists, we carry a variety of blades of all sizes, handmade leather works, wearable Medieval helmets & Tankards, Dragon Drinks & Goblets, Throwing Stars and Japanese pottery from 1974 into the 1980s…

Our Man Cave shows off hunks of Manly Soaps, Damascus straight razors, Katanas, Shaving bowls, Hair & Beard tamers, Balm, The Man Can & Instant Spa gifts for the Ladies… and other Cave Dwelling items.

Of course we have lucious scented bars of soaps for the feminine side of life. Unrepentant Artist makes a unique, high-antioxidant CBD moisturizer to soften the crags that play on our faces, expressing a full and well-lived life!

We carry top-shelf CBD extract products to soothe your pain and help create body wellness. For you, your dog, or cat…

Apricot Seeds that boosts our immunity! Look into this Amazing Seed!! Highest rated Super Food, with  B17. “World Without Cancer” by Edward Griffin.

We are committed to bring a sparkle to your eyes, a chuckle in your throat and wellness to your body and mind!!

We are Funk n Fun!

Unrepentant Artist

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