Business Hours

    OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Monday > At Least! ~ More days open as the holidays arrive! ~ HOURS: 9:30 to 5, 6 or 7 PM. ~ OPEN TURKEY DAY!! ~ Will Open by Appointment! ~ Need a Gift? CBD? Small-batch Pain Relief! **IMMUNE UP** with Powerful Apricot Seeds!

Front St Shopping!

Restaurants on Front Street have meals To-Go or outside dining. Salado.  Millonzie’s.  Soup Pot.  Park Bar.  Silver Scoop.  Ellen’s.  Brown Burro (Main St).

Shoppy-shops on Historic Front Street:  My shop, Unrepentant Artist, purple building, east end of Front Street, across from the Hand Hotel B&B & Gift Shop.  Mountain Sun Arts, SW end of Front St.  Red Barn, next to Silver Scoop Ice cream & Deli!  Coyote Creek.  Antiques.  Pat’s Bead Shop.  Hat Shop.  Mountain Essentials.

**Unrepentant Artist has beautifully patterned Damascus Swords at astonishingly low prices! Knives, Medieval Tankards & Mugs… And many other fun items.

We have expanded our already diverse selection of products to include a few highly beneficial & healthy products for body/mind.

**IMMUN-EYES Your Tea with CBD Honey.  CBD Drops (for you, or pests, ‘er Pets!).  CBD Salve.  CBD Cinnamon Lozenges.  CBD Lip Balm… ooh, la la… Kissie soft and 4x the standard size!

A SUPERIOR new arrival is Apricot Seeds, which contain the highest amount of B17 (Amygdalin) of any food! Punch up your immune system, energize your mind/body, and other amazing healthy things. Must see documentary: “World Without Cancer” by G.Edward Griffin, reasearcher & famous author of  “Creature From Jekyll Island”.  Nature takes care of us.

We have Raw, Bitter, ApricotSeeds. The more bitter, the more B17! Can’t stand bitter? Crush & add to smoothies, mix into food. Put it inside of an apricot (we have those too!) or other fruit. Mmm… Chewing until near fluid = pre-digestion = the more rapid nutrients move into your system.

Superfood Blueberry Bars & Apricot Bars are an alternative for obtaining B17. Includes many other ingredients that make them stand out from the crowd! Best of all… No Added Sugar! Only that which is inherently contained in the ingredients in the bars.

One of the most important things we can do for health is to eliminate (or seriously reduce) sugar in its myriad of names. Choose honey and pure maple syrup. This may change your life… and… It may be the end of the world as we know it, for good health! Try it during the season of excessive sugar (Halloween through Valentine’s Day). Eating well and serious reduction of sugar may keep you and your family much healthier!

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