To Go Food & Shopping!

Many restaurants on, and off, Front Street are creating delicious meals “To Go”, with incredibly easy Pick-Up for our crazy-time-world!

Salado!  Millonzie’s.  Soup Pot.  Park Bar.  Ellen’s.

Other shoppy-shops on Front Street… HISTORIC DISTRICT. Mountain Sun Arts, west end of Front St. My shop, UnrepentantArtist at the east end of Front Street… Open By Appointment Only.  CALL  OR  EMAIL  AHEAD!  For most of us, ANY sign of sickness we will deny entrance. We can hand off items though after credit card payment.

** Just received: Shipment, ordered before the clampdown.  2 styles of Beautiful Damascus Swords! And a few other goodies.

IMMUNE-Yer-Tea!   CBD Honey in your Tea, water, juice…  CBD Salve to soothe an ache.   Lip Balm… ooh, la la! Kissie soft & 4x normal size!

The SUPREME arrival came 2weeks ago!  Apricot Seeds! The seeds, removed from their very hard shell, contains the highest amount of B17 (Amygdalin).  Which would put them in the number 1 slot, instead of 6th (who did not include this?)… still good though!  Punch up your immune system, by leaps & bounds, energize your mind/body, and so many other, under-rated, things they can do for your health.  Watch an old documentary: “World Without Cancer”, G.Edward Griffin, reasearcher and famous for “Creature From Jekkle Island”. Awake… nature will take care of us!

We have the Raw, Bitter, ApricotSeeds. Did I say bitter? The more bitter, the more B17!  Can’t stand bitter? Crush & add to smoothies, mix into food. Put it inside of an apricot! Mmm… I chew until near fluid… pre-digestion.

Superfood Blueberry Bars are an alternative to getting B17. Includes many other ingredients that make these batters stand out from the crowd! Best of all… No Added Sugar! Only that, derived from nature, is contained in the fruit.

One of the MOST important thing you can do for your family & friends… Eliminate Sugar in all its myriad of names. Stick with honey and maple syrup, in moderation. This alone may change your life and… It would be the end of the world as we know it, for good!


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