Terms & Conditions

Edit Update: August 10, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in our shop! We hope your experience has been pleasant. If not, please aquaint yourself with our return policy.

* Please Email – Before returning product(s). 

* Item must be returned within 10 working days of receipt.  Please contactus prior to returning the item(s). 

* If purchased item was shipped to you:  Upon receipt of product, inspect exterior for damage before the shipper leaves your premises.

* If package was received with obvious damage, have the delivery person notate the damage. The delivery person may stay to make sure the contents are not damaged.

* Photograph package damage before opening, and also any damage to the product, before accepting it from the shipper.

* Inspect the product thoroughly upon receipt the product. If it is defective we will refund the purchase price.  

* If possible, we inspect all products prior to shipping to make sure it is functioning properly and/or has no obvious defects.

* If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, a return may be accepted. Product(s) must be in unused, new condition and returned in the same packaging and undamaged box, to receive a full refund.

* To receive a full refund:  Return item(s) in the original product box, and the outer shipping box.  Original address should be completely covered or removed. Re-wrap the product as received.

* Products that show use or wear may not receive a refund and should not be returned unless defective. Defects from improper use will not be refunded.


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