Welcome to Unrepentant Artist

My apologies for having to create a new website!  Please bear with me as I plod along… I will attempt to get this up and running as soon as possible.  It might not be fully functional until after the holidays.  After all, I’ve got jewelry to make and leather bags to get stitched!

This site will contain images of Betsy Buckner’s extraordinary art!  Jane Wunder, Tina Darrah, Simone Firpo and other very special fine artists will also be featured.

New artists: Carolyn Berry (Encaustic wall art and gourd art), Carol King (glass art)… and we have, from Oklahoma “Area Farms”, our own awesome micro-dinosaur mini-museum, where staged skeletons of processed rodents play an important part in our lives, like it or not, just as the huge monstrous ones once did.

We carry the manly Burly Stone, chef inspired, grooming products that you, the wearer, or you, the sniffer, will fall in love with!  And women need not worry as we have a wonderful selection of heavenly scented handcrafted soaps.  Lastly… well, maybe not last… Deb has her pure, very high antioxidant serums, body tenderizers and soakers.  All of which will soothe your mind and reach for your soul.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Unrepentant Artist