FE Pendant

Flat Earth Kinetic Pendant. Sterling Silver (.925), Pure Silver (.999) & 18k Gold FE Pendant. The original. Sold!  ORDERS WELCOME!

The pendant below can be replicated, with slight variations (entirely hand made). The green center stone, depicting the North Pole & the Aurora Borealis, would be either an Emerald, green Onyx or Peridot, as available. $300. Optional 2-3mm Sterling Silver Snake Chain, lobster clasp. (Italy). $50.

The Sun 18k gold (.975) and pure silver Moon spin freely, roughly showing how it actually works on the plane, on which we live. Blue plexiglass depicts the oceans. The ring around the pendant is the Antarctic Ice Shelf, which surrounds the Earth. It’s not a continent, as we have been led to believe. The US would be under the sun, in the 1st image. 2nd image is slightly different. The letters “FE” (Flat Earth) are  overlayed on the bale (holds a chain).

The outside of the “wall” can have letters/numbers stamped in. Such as “Flat Earthers Hit The Wall”, etc… the circumference is about 35mm, not including the bale.

These pendants can be made smaller & lighter, although with a fixed sun and moon (no spin) soldered onto the continents, no frills = Reduced Cost.

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks completion time, depending on demand. Contact for more information.

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