FE Pendant

Flat Earth Pendant.  This pendant portrays a map of antiquity… from hundreds of years ago. A map of the Flat Earth?! Yep!

Made from pure silver, a touch of gold for the sun and bezel holding a green onyx stone that represents the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole. The sun and moon spin on a rod to show how those bodies work. Blue plexiglass reflect the oceans. A silver ice ring surrounds flat earth, holding back the water… No one falls off. This wall is commonly referred to as Antarctica.

Order Here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/UnrepentantArtist

Two maps below depict what was staunchly believed 500 years ago. If one digs around for awhile (it won’t take long) you may be stunned by the volume of proofs to be found of the The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Humanity!

NOVEMBER 15 & 16, 2018:  The 1st annual Flat Earth International Conference (USA) – fe2018.com – will be held in Denver, CO. Learn from some of the most incredibly persuasive intelligent people coming to teach Truth. It can no longer be denied, put back in the hat or swept under the rug. Flat Earth truth is is not “out there”, it’s right here, now… Undeniable, In-Our-Face Truth!  Visit me there! I’ll have FE fun goodies…

YouTube Links > Just a few people I’ve spent many hours with:  “200 Proofs We Don’t Live on a Spinning Ball” by Eric Dubay(.com also).  Allegedly Dave (Murphy) profound interview.  Feed Your Mind.  D. Marble.  Jeranism.  Ditrh.  Globe Busters.  FlatEarth FlatPlane.  And many more voices (around the world!) I’ve easily found pounding down the lies we’ve been sold over our entire lives. Some of these people persist even after having their tube channels censored or flat out terminated! Why? Are they that frightening that “you can’t handle the truth”, that they get terminated, so you won’t piss your pants?

We do not live on a 1000 mph spinning ball (on axis), hurtling through space with the entire galaxy at 10’s of thousands of mph and at the same time we are screaming away from the “Big Bang” at a million mph. All in “perfect coordination” with many other orbiting bodies racing around the sun at breakneck speeds. And we feel nothing? See NASA for “exact” figures… and fake pictures.

Oh wait, they say it’s the gravity theory that keeps us from flying off this ball. Imagine, if you will, a force so incredibly freakin strong that it can force water to cover a spinning ball! Yet butterflies, balloons, dandelion puffs, bees and clouds, can fly, float or be blown away with a slight breeze. And how does it work to be in our earth atmosphere and suddenly, with no containment of gravity, we run smack into the total vacuum of space? Opposing forces?

It’s been a fascinating and consuming ride since dipping a toe into the soup 3 yrs ago… Feverishly scouring sources to find anyone who could debunk Eric Dubay’s video of 200 Proofs. I’d gladly watch proof of a spinning ball too! Still looking…

Oh! Next time you board an airplane… After takeoff, when “cruising” at 30k feet of altitude, watching the flat horizon, ask the pilot to please dip the nose of the plane every 5 seconds or so it can go around the ball, to keep from hurtling off into “space” at 500 mph. Why not just lift up like a helicopter and wait for the destination, coming at 1k mph, to roll under you and just set down on it?

Keep it flat folks!

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