Business Hours

    OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Monday. HOURS: 9:30 to 5 or 6 PM. Holidays up to 7PM. CLOSED TUESDAY. Wed & Thurs: If door is unlocked, come in. AFTER FEB 14 OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY > Tuesday, Wed & Thursday! Need a Gift or CBD? *IMMUNE UP* with Apricot Seeds (B17)!

Huge 2021 Sale!

21% OFF Everything Over $30. The Bar is 25% OFF!! 10% Off Everything Else. A Few Exclusions Apply. Sale Ends Jan 31, 2021. 5PM.

Absolutely the Best Time to get a Betsy Buckner painting!! OR a BrookeConnor, Jane Wunder. Or a beautiful Ten Ryu Katana! Keep Valentine’s Day in mind!!

STOP IN… Your most coveted item may be gone soon…

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