Business Hours

    OPEN WEEKENDS 9:30 to 6. *CLOSED 5 Weekdays. *OPEN BY APPOINTMENT Weekdays. Contact: *10 to 20% Off. Squealin’ Good Sale on some products. *This is down-time, slow season. *Time to be an artist again! *Check out Percy’s Pups, link above. SEE YA!

March Hours & Sale

OPEN WEEKENDS 9:30 to 6 PM. CLOSED 5 days Monday – Friday. In-between seasons, skiing & hiking…


* 15 – 20% OFF Everything Over $30. 10% Off Everything Else. Liquidation Sale on some great products! 2 businesses “gone”, forced to switch companies. Sad… but now have 2 new providers.

It’s quiet time already… In-between seasons. Using the “days off” to create my own art: Jewelry, Leather works, Guitars & Industrial Lamps! 

*New, Handmade Leather Belt Pouches – Great for Ammo, Emergency items. Tough pockets for Found Objects. Sweet.

*New Body Rejuvination Products. “Instant Spa” 5 Products Per Can. Ahhh…

*Tower Back-Flow Incense burners! Smoke flows down the tower of Skulls, Volcano (LED), Dragon Cave (LED) or Lotus Flower! Cool!

*Japanese pottery from Pat Agatsuma; early 70’s & 80’s. Was on the front lines of the breakout for beautiful glazes, after the war… Stoneware & Porcelain.

*Blades abound: Swords, Katanas, Damascus, Specialty Etched Knives by Deb. 

*Dragons & Medieval Tankards & Goblets.

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