Winter/Virus Hours UPDATE!

* OPEN by APPOINTMENT ONLY during this time.  Need CBD?  PowerUp Health with Apricot Seeds !  Order ahead, drive-by, pickup will get you 15% OFF! An Essential Gift?  Or, something for yourself… I will take your order, wrap and bag for convenience and safety, wearing latex gloves! 

Email First:  Place Order, upon my response, come over.  Saves waiting!  –  I will respond very quickly, unless I have been “called away”. Keeping my device close!

This time was planned since January!  So I could build up my own artworks for summer.  And, quite frankly, to take a well earned break! I will still be doing this now.

PS – This time off is NOT because I’m fearful of getting a frigin cold. But above all else, safety comes first, for us ALL!

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